Class Pass Memberships

Your CLASS PASS MEMBERSHIP entitles you to:

* Attend any Zen Dan Kwan age appropriate Class.
* Attend your Classes as and when your availability allows.
* Your Membership includes Rank Testing and Belt Promotions.
* Participation is our Zen Dan Kwan STAR Programme is included.

* 10 Class Passes are $249.
* 25 Class Passes are also available for $499.

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Flexible Memberships

At Zen Dan Kwan School of Martial Arts, we believe that the world would be a better place if everyone had a Black Belt. To further that aim, we have developed the perfect blend of easy membership options so that everyone can begin the journey to Black Belt and beyond.

You can try us out without cost or obligation with our Free Trial Class offer. You can even ``dip your toes into the water`` by trying our low cost Trial Membership Programme to ensure that we can deliver the powerful benefits that training in Traditional Martial Arts can provide.

We have Memberships that allow you to train as often as you want, or as little as you want....... and you can cancel at anytime! Simple!

Class Pass Memberships

Class Pass Memberships are made available to our existing Students so that they can keep progressing with their Martial Arts skills at a rate that is consistent with their availability and their family schedule.

We understand that work and schooling schedules can be hectic and difficult to predict. As such, a Class Pass Memberships can be the most beneficial type of membership for these Students now, as well as supporting their long term goals and ambitions.

There are no contracts or financial commitments with Class Pass Memberships.

Train With A Professional Instructor Team

We invite our Class Pass Members to come to as many of our age appropriate Classes as they want.... its all included! We want our Class Pass Members to participate and enjoy their training as much as their busy schedule allows.

You'll love Sweating, Smiling and Learning in each and every Class!

Train In A Great Environment

Yes, of course we would LOVE it if our Class Pass Members upgraded to our VIP Martial Arts Programme. In fact, Class Pass Members can upgrade or change their membership type at any time. Having fellow Students that we know and like, and that we can work together well with, is a huge benefit to everyone's training.

As we say in our School, ``We have Partners, not Opponents``.

More Options, Less Obligations

By choosing a Class Pass Membership you can be assured that you can still progress and develop the powerful skills, techniques and awesome benefits that Martial Arts can provide.

Even so, if our Class Pass Members don't want to continue with their Martial Arts studies after their Class Pass Membership is complete, that's OK too..... we can still be friends.

A Martial Artist shows Self Control in everything they think, say or do...

The STAR Programme

There's nothing else like it in the world! Our unique Martial Arts Education and Character Development Programme sets our Students up for SUCCESS. At Zen Dan Kwan School of Martial Arts, STAR stands for Success Through Accepting Responsibility.

Our STAR Programme was formulated as a way to connect the physical practice of Martial Arts with the deeper and more philosophical benefits of Martial Arts. At Zen Dan Kwan School of Martial Arts, we refer to these qualities as the 8 Traits of Black Belt Excellence and we seek to foster these Traits in all of our Students. Character Traits such as:




You'll like this....

Class Pass Memberships are paid in full prior to commencement. There are no contracts or long term obligations.

You'll really like this....

Class Pass Memberships can be purchased In-School or Online and are easily upgradeable to VIP Unlimited Memberships at any time.

You'll really like this too....

10 Class Passes are $249 and are valid for 5 months. 25 Class Passes are $499 and are valid for 10 months.

You'll Want To Know This....

Class Pass Memberships may not be ``Suspended,`` put “On Hold” or ``Extended``. Class Pass Memberships are non-refundable and are not transferrable.




There are no contracts or membership obligations with Class Pass Memberships so you can safely cancel your Membership at any time. Class Pass Memberships carry no obligation to continue after your Class Pass is completed or expired. Train a little or train a lot, the choice is yours.....


You can! Anytime you like! If you're returning to the same Programme, you can even keep your existing Belt. You'll lose any Tips that you may have accrued but your Belt Rank is secured, after all, you earned it! You won't retain your Black Belt Club status but you will be given a chance to re-earn it.