Dad Says……

Dad says that Martial Arts is about PROTECTION!

Dad’s right! Martial Arts IS about PROTECTION. It’s about self defence, it’s about courage and the ability to face and deal with our fears. It’s about walking with confidence and adopting respect as part of who we are.

Mum says that Martial Arts is about DISCIPLINE!

Mum’s right! Martial Arts IS about DISCIPLINE. It’s about knowing right from wrong and choosing to act with honour and truth. It’s all about self control and the ability to make wise choices and keeping promises.

Kids say “IT’S FUN!

The Kids are right! Martial Arts ARE FUN. The kind of fun that makes you feel good and helps the people around you to feel good too. It’s about the great feelings of satisfaction and accomplishment that goes with doing a job, and doing that job well. It’s about doing hard things, just because we can. It’s about spending quality time and hanging out with other Students, fellow Martial Artists, just like us! After the hard work is done…..we have LOTS of fun!

At Zen Dan Kwan School of Martial Arts we focus on much, much more than just awesome self defence. We also focus on what Dads, Mums and Kids want too!