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At Zen Dan Kwan School of Martial Arts, S.T.A.R stands for Success Through Accepting Responsibility.

Our STAR Programme was formulated by Master Walker as a way to connect the physical practice of Martial Arts with the deeper and more philosophical benefits of Martial Arts. At Zen Dan Kwan School of Martial Arts, we refer to these qualities as the 8 Traits of Black Belt Excellence and we seek to foster these Traits in all of our Students.The monthly STAR Activities are set by our Instructor Team to help Students understand more about the deeper benefits of Martial Arts training. Character Traits such as:


We also focus on other worthy Character Traits such as GIVING and IMAGINATION along with the traditional Martial Arts themes of OUR STUDENT CREED and THE WAY OF MARTIAL ARTS.

Each month, Students are challenged to choose a Task from a selection of Tasks and complete the activity during the course of the month. At the end of the month, parents have the opportunity to comment on their child’s behaviour at home and at school. Students who successfully complete their challenge and show high standards of behaviour at home and at school get rewarded with STARs of achievement.

These awards are amongst the most prestigious awards in our School.

Class Trainer

Master Walker

Master Walker is our Chief Instructor and blessed with an encyclopaedic knowledge of the Martial ...


Class Trainer

Laurence Mews

Mr Laurence has been an avid Student and Instructor at Zen Dan Kwan School of ...


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Class: In Class + Online
Days: 24/7
Age Group: 4 to 104