Our Future Awaits…

Over the years, every time I hear about a tragedy, a disturbing event, or really crappy politicians pulling us back into the dark ages…

I get down…. Sometimes I lose it. Other times, I feel sad. Often, I feel angry. But eventually, something brings me back to one consistent realisation:

I believe in the future. In a better future. For all of us.

It’s important to realise that not everyone has this privilege or this capacity. At this very moment, for some people on this planet, the future is bleak and there isn’t anything to look forward to. It’s beyond living from pay packet to pay packet, it’s about surviving for the next day…. surviving for the next hour. And yet, if those of us who are able to, aren’t focusing our efforts on building that better future for ourselves and in turn for our families, our Communities and for the rest of the world around us… Then we’re all doomed.

Audrey Hepburn said: “To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.”

It’s got to be one of our favourite quotes. Another favourite is “Happiness is a choice”.  I can credit much of our progress and my most optimistic moments in the past year to these very concepts. To plant a garden, start a family, hire a Team member, adopt an unloved animal, start a new project, donate to a cause, invite a friend over for dinner, plan a camping trip… these are all signs that we believe in tomorrow, we choose happiness and that we believe in the future.

Don’t get me wrong, we want to take action in the face of injustice… and we want to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Giving up is not an option. We need to steadfastly believe in a better future.This planet and its inhabitants need us to keep believing, and to continue doing the things that contribute to the greater good. Whether that means building your business or learning new skills so that you can support your family, going to sleep early so you can be your best for your clients and friends, and maybe even planting something… because seeing it grow (no matter what’s on the news) is one of the most uplifting feelings.

I don’t have anything to sell you today, and I don’t feel like this message needs to have a call to action to read one of our blog posts, either. If this spoke to you in any way, then this message has served its purpose.

Our Martial Arts School is about much more than memberships, sales numbers, and getting online traffic… It’s truly about us as real people, fellow humans, working together and supporting each other. Working together, sweating together, achieving together…. they are their own rewards! They are intrinsic and important contributions to our own future.

Thanks for being here…. ~(8^D)